Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Waterfalls always seem miraculous ... there is power in the water as it carves the land, but also great peace and timelessness. So here are two more of my paintings... the first is my most recent (and still drying in my work room), and the second is one of my earlier paintings, completed while I was still in nursing school, some thirty years ago. Waterfalls still fascinate and inspire me all these years later.
"Niagara Sunset" by CB Woodling, c 2009

"Waterfall Watcher" by CB Woodling, c 1977

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Meeting of Two Washingtons

Join the Army and see the world! We were fortunate enough to be stationed in many lovely places as we served in the Army. Two of our favorites were Washington State with its monumental mountains and Washington D.C. with its memorable monuments. Thus, the inspiration for these two paintings, both of Washington.

My office at Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington gave a gorgeous view of Mount Rainier to the east. Whenever my day started with the wonderful view of sunrise over the mountain, I was able to center on the joy of creation and better face the challenges of the day. As I painted, I pictured how wonderful it would be to face that view every morning across the waters of Puget Sound. Morning coffee on the dock? Hope it gives you that same joy.

"Sunrise Over Rainier" by CB Woodling, c. 2009

We were stationed in the Washington, D.C. area several times in our Army careers and the painting below celebrates the wonderful monuments, especially the Lincoln Memorial, which is impressive by day, and lovely by night. This is a sunset view... a magical time in D.C., when all the monuments come aglow with inner light.
"View on the Potomac" by CB Woodling, c. 2009