Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ohio's Bicentennial Barns

The Ohio farmland is so beautiful, no matter what the season. I especially love the pristine (and sometimes, even the not so pristine) barns dotting the countryside.  During Ohio's bicentennial celebration as a State in 2003, each county in Ohio had one of their barns painted with the Ohio Bicentennial Logo. These are so unique, and give me a smile every time I pass one on the road... I hope they give you a smile and that you enjoy my Ohio Bicentennial Barn Series!

This first barn is in my home county, Summit County, Ohio.  I depicted it on a clear winter day when the air is so clear, you can feel it filling your lungs as you breathe in the fresh crispness.
"Summit County Barn" by CB Woodling, c. 2010

This second barn is seen on our road trip from Ohio to the East Coast, just west of the Pennsylvania border.  I pictured it on one of those spring days when the sky is overcast, but somehow the green, green foliage in Ohio just gets ever so much more lush and beautiful with every rainy day.

"Trumbull County Barn" by CB Woodling, c. 2010

The third barn, below, is inspired by a barn we pass when traveling north from West Virginia, across the Ohio River, and into southern Ohio.  It always serves as a welcome each spring when we return north to visit family, and also as brilliant fall farewell as we travel south to warmer climates in the fall.

"Noble County Barn" by CB Woodling, c. 2010

This last barn is also in Southern Ohio.  I was inspired to paint it with the bright yellow late summer crops.  The full corn crib reminded me of the unique joy of biting into fresh buttered ears of corn, just pulled from the fields and roasted to a juicy delight of sweet saltiness bursting in your mouth.  Yum! 

"Washington County Barn" by CB Woodling, c 2010