Friday, October 16, 2009

Touch Drawing

I have started a continuing studies program in "Art and Healing" at Ringling College of Art and Design...what a perfect way to combine my nursing knowledge with my artistic creativity!

The first class I took was called "Touch Drawing".  The class teaches you to let go of the left brain, logical side and get in touch with your right brain, creative side and almost enter a subconscious level as you paint. 

"Touch Drawing is a simple yet profound process. In the technique, a smooth surface is covered with a layer of paint.  A sheet of paper is placed over the paint.  Wherever the paper is touched, an imprint is made on the back side.  Impulses from within take form on paper through the touch of the fingertips" (Deborah Koff-Chapin in her book, "Drawing Out Your Soul")  See for an actual touch drawing demonstration, if you want to learn more about the technique.

I made 23 Touch Drawings during the first day of class...I then completed two of them by adding paint and more color. Those two are below.

"The Journey Begins" by CB Woodling, c 2009
I am:  the start of a joyous journey; not the only path, but one of many; exhilarated to begin the journey; full of color and a rainbow of possibilities; uplifted and ageless as the mountain; solid as the tree. 
I will travel through nature, over rocky terrain, and touch the glory of my very own soul.

"Peace Rising From Chaos"  by CB Woodling, c 2009

 I am:  a dove in the sky, peace, rising from chaos, light, hope, free. 
The universe began in chaos and the people of the Earth still live in chaos, but peace will rise from the very darkness and give light to all.

As you can see, these are VERY different from my usual left brained more meticulous landscapes.  I hope you find them interesting.  Cindy

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  1. Thanks the visual feast and ambient reflections. The collection is growing in power and inspiration and I'm glad to be a part of it. I love the frogs and your most recent work is... touching.