Saturday, October 12, 2013


Fall in the Rockies
by CB Woodling, c. 2013

A recent trip out to the west to visit the Teton Mountains provided an overabundance of inspiration.  Fall color everywhere, Elk and Moose mating season in full swing, cool crisp nights and chill mornings, with yellow school buses and piles of pumpkins vying for color with the fall leaves.  This quick drawing is part of my journal, along with the whimsy of a poem below.  Hope it makes you smile.  Cindy
By CB Woodling

White sentinels standing tall,
Golden leaves tremble and quake to fall.
Orange oaks entangle them all,
Brilliant colors keep all in thrall.

Moose lower antlers in rivals’ brawl;
Elk echo back a bugling call;
Bears engorge plenty from nature’s mess hall;
Wolves stalk and encircle them all.

Kids return to school roll-call,
Parents help with homework scrawl.
Grandmas shiver in warm well-worn shawl,
All gear up for winter’s long haul

Pumpkins abound at the shopping mall,
Farmers reap the land’s great sprawl.
Ranchers round up their herds to stall,
Fall’s fallin’ fast in the Rockie’s, Y’all.

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