Friday, April 10, 2015


WINGS by CB Woodling, c. 2015

I just completed leading a series of classes at First Congregational United Church of Christ, in Sarasota, Florida.  The classes were tied to the Lenten sermon series and were designed to help experience the season of Lent through art and self exploration.  The class did several sessions with Mandalas which are ancient and sacred forms of circular art used in many different cultures.  I did my Mandala AFTER all the classes were over, and indeed after Easter arrived.  So, my Mandala is a mix of the entire Easter season exploration.  
What an uplifting experience we had as a church.  For Maundy Thursday, for example, one of our members led us in writing prayers on colorful pieces of torn cloth, which we then added to our old rugged wooden cross.  What a beautiful sight, all the colors and all the prayers shared with each other.  So you see many colors in this piece of art.   

We are also approaching the second anniversary of the death of my step-mother, Paulette Vitrier Blair, who was a truly beautiful soul.  On the day she died, a glorious foot long pure white feather was found by my father at the front door, just below the room where Paulette lay taking that last of life's journeys into the unknown.  Truly, if an angel were to visit someone at their death bed and leave a feather behind as evidence, Paulette would have been top on the list. Thus the feathers and wings in my art.

And to top it all off, our son just announced his engagement to his long time partner ... I am so happy for them. I'm also grateful to the positive changes in our world that allow them to share their love with each other openly.  So my piece also celebrates the rainbow of humankind.

So, in the spirit of a a still speaking God and the spirit of embracing diversity which is celebrated both at our church and in our family, here is my newest work... WINGS.  

"Keep the shadow of Your wings" Psalm 17:8 
"Under His wings you may seek refuge"  Psalm 91:4


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