Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Siesta Beach.... AHHHHHH

I haven't painted Siesta Beach inspired paintings for a while, but I always get that "Ahhhh" feeling when I walk to the beach.  Nothing like sand between your toes, sea breezes in your hair, the call of gulls, and the sound of waves against the crystal sands of Siesta to get you in that relaxed space and lower your blood pressure.  :)

And now, there is a new art gallery in Siesta Village, The Gallery on Siesta Key.  It's right next to the Village Caf√©.  You can view some information about it on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Gallery-on-Siesta-Key/1376709665967325 .  Stop in and visit them if you are on Siesta Key ... they are really the best source for local art.

So, after viewing the art in the Gallery on Siesta Key, I'm again inspired again to create Siesta Beach art.  Here are some new paintings that will hopefully help you get that same "Ahhhh" feeling. 

Beach Chair in Yellow and Blue, by CB Woodling

Beach Chair in White, by CB Woodling

Beach Chairs in Orange, by CB Woodling

Beach Chairs at Sunset, by CB Woodling

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