Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Siesta Sunsets

Sunsets on Siesta Beach are always amazing!  The sun sets at just that perfect angle to catch a home going sailor passing through the channel off shore or light up the sky above with a rainbow of colors.  If you are  lucky enough to be there when a sunset sail goes by, then it's worth a moment to just watch ...  It seems like all the walkers on the beach pause to take a look when the sailboat passes in front of the sun.  My photos never seem to fully capture the magic, so here are two paintings of a sunset sail passing by the sun low in the sky (Sunset Sail 1), and one as the sun just starts to dip in the Gulf of Mexico (Sunset Sail 2). And...if you stay until just after the sun sinks into the Gulf, then the sky sometimes lights up in rainbow hues, like those I painted in the third painting below (Siesta Sunset at the Red Lifeguard Stand).  I hope these three paintings fill you with light and elicit a smile.  
 Sunset Sail 1
by CB Woodling

Sunset Sail 2
by CB Woodling
Siesta Sunset at the Red Lifeguard Stand
by CB Woodling 

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